What is Pharaoh Diaries?

Pharaoh Diaries is a fashion news blog, a digital magazine for 2020 style icons. It also provides deals and discounted rates on your favourite insta baddie and high-end fashion, beauty, tech, homeware and lifestyle brands. It focuses on fashion culture in the wake of this new decade which has ushered in a new normal and cleaner way of living. I created Pharaoh Diaries during the Coronavirus pandemic, which forced me to sit down and reflect on this new world, and how I could create a sustainable brand that would bring joy and inspire people through thick and thin. Pharaoh Diaries was born and we launched our website on the 24th of September 2020.

My background is in fashion and science, I have worked within the fashion industry since the age of 16 but I have a Psychology and Biology degree – a true illustration of a Nigerian upbringing which at best encourages you to fulfil your wildest dreams whilst keeping your head screwed on at all times. My love for fashion developed over the years from reading magazines such as British Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, ES magazine (whilst commuting on the London Underground), Stylist (also whilst commuting on the London Underground), Essence (which is a staple in any fashionable black family) and many more. I would make collages out of these titles and stick them onto my wall.

I would customise my clothes by adding colourful buttons to my shoes and handbags, yet I was not the best at actually making clothes as my Textiles grade at GCSE reflects. My textiles teacher loved me though and found my attempts at pattern cutting hilarious and gave me plenty of assistance, which helped me reach my potential of achieving a grade C despite her efforts. I realised then that although I loved fashion, I would approach it from more of a business standpoint – I was never going to be a designer. Although looking back now, the issue with pattern cutting and making clothes came from the fact that I probably hadn’t developed the motor skills to undertake such complex tasks yet.

I developed a love for other arts during that time such as beauty, music, literature, art, drama and interiors. That is why this blog showcases all these arts at their finest form. I’m also a great cook, so the pandemic hasn’t slowed me down one bit when it comes to eating my favourite meals. I will be providing you with my favourite cooking at home recipes which are delish and also straight forward to make.

Within the beauty sphere we will be featuring makeup tutorials and beauty articles from the likes of Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty and Elf cosmetics to name a few. We will also have a Best Beauty Products feature and the latest skin care news. Within music we will be discussing the trending music videos on Youtube, and I will be sharing my Apple Music playlists to get you in the mood for any occasion.

In the realm of art and literature we will be exploring different types of art such as affordable art under £250 (my favourite kind!), local art and online art galleries. We will also be providing book reviews on the most talked about books online and discussing the latest film releases. Finally in relation to interiors, I will be giving you an intimate glimpse into my favourite pieces within my home, and pointing you in the direction of my favourite interior brands and architectural blogs.

Pharaoh Diaries is subscription based, monthly subscription is £9.99 per month. You can also get a discounted rate if you sign up for an annual subscription – £100 per year which is a saving of just under £20 compared to the monthly cost. Payments are processed by Stripe, all currencies are welcome. I post 10 or more stories a month (our month runs from the 24th-24th) as well as providing access to the amazing deals and discount codes provided by our affiliate partners. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

This is going to be a great journey and I want you all to come on board for the ultimate fashion and arts experience!


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Scientist and Fashionista. Arts enthusiast.

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