Pharaoh Diaries Podcast – Literary hour

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We have been approved for transmission on Apple Podcasts! This is our first show on Apple but our 4th on Stationhead and in the history of the Pharaoh Diaries Podcast. Catch up on all our shows by downloading the Stationhead app and follow Pharaoh Diaries, and welcome to all our new listeners on Apple Podcasts!

Our show is live on Stationhead every Saturday night at 10pm GMT and available on Apple Podcasts the next day every Sunday morning. You can access the show on Apple Podcasts by clicking the podcast widget at the bottom of all our web pages on or by searching Pharaoh Diaries on Apple Podcasts. Our show is also available on

Please subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts by clicking the subscribe button so you can listen as soon as it is uploaded with no delay. To access all our articles, deals and discount codes please subscribe to via the paid subscription options provided when you click the Deals and Discount codes tab on our website. You can also subscribe wherever you see the paid subscription options on our website.


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