January 2021 courses Course 1: Sales training Part 1- How to ensure that your business is geared for success

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If you missed our first course of January 2021 which was part 1 of the Sales training which was available from 9am today, (which was only available to Pharaoh Diaries subscribers with a paid subscription) you can access it here now by subscribing to Pharaoh Diaries using the subscription options provided below. This also means that the rest of our stand alone courses in January will be sent to you via email from now on, and you will also be able to access them on pharaohdiaries.com by clicking the Courses tab.

Our next course will be available on the 11th of January 2021 at 10am UK time. Part 2 of the Sales training will be available as part of our March planner of courses which you will also gain access to with your subscription. Subscribe now using the subscription options below to have our January courses sent directly to your email address when released, as well as getting access to them along with our other stand alone courses this January and March on the Courses page. View our planner of January stand alone courses by clicking here.

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Course 1 Sales training Part 1: How to ensure that your business is geared for success

Sales is not just about making money, it is also about making sure that you have the right workflows in place to run an efficient business, which can deal with customers swiftly but with dedication. The key part of attracting customers is organisation, effectiveness, quality, trustworthiness and customer service. Find out how to implement systems to showcase these qualities within your business, and keep customers coming back again and again by subscribing via one of the subscription options below.

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