My Balanced Diet meal plan

How have I managed to stay in shape for almost 33 years? I am a believer in the Balanced Diet because I have always maintained a regular weight throughout my life based on following this lifestyle. I eat what I want when I want but because I don’t have any excessively bad food habits like binge eating sweets or deserts for example, eating what I want has always worked in my favour. I am a great cook, I have been cooking my own meals since I was living at home with my parents, from my teenage years helping my parents in the kitchen, and a lot of the time being instructed to take over whilst they pop their head in and out, or ask for updates while I shyly snuck back into the living room for breaks, and of course they would usher me right back to the kitchen after only a couple of minutes to keep an eye on the food.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, and I tend to only eat 2 meals a day because my breakfast and lunch are always bountiful. No cereal bars here. Before I started Pharaoh Diaries I was working in Sales, and you need all your energy for a job like that. I always started my day with a cooked breakfast or porridge – eggs, bacon, sardines or fish fingers, pilled on brown or white toast with heaps of salad or a gherkin. You cannot eat like this every morning, hence the porridge with yogurt and fruits on top to alternate. This would get me comfortably through the day till lunch time which started promptly at 12pm.

Now that I am working from home managing a global business (Fans of Pharaoh Diaries live in Egypt, United States, Philippines, United Kingdom and Nigeria), I am up all night due to the different time zones I cater to, which means that I eat brunch now most days instead of breakfast. Brunch is similar to the above mentioned meals, and this takes me through to about 7pm when I have dinner.

Dinner consists of some of the following staple meals throughout the week and does not change unless I am going out to eat (which has not been the case since the pandemic started).

For my recipes on how to make the above meals plus much more, pre-order my e-book by clicking the button below, and it will be sent to you via email. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your order:


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