Weekday Brand Launch

Thanks to our affiliate partnership with Stylink (see our post in December), Pharaoh Diaries is now an affiliate partner of Weekday, a Swedish brand that takes inspiration from streetwear and youth culture. We promoted this new addition to the Pharaoh Diaries portfolio of brands heavily on our social media, to get the name of this little known, affordable, cutting edge brand, who are also part of the H&M group out there.

We started by giving our followers the chance to shop the brand directly from our Instagram page by clicking the link in our bio which took them directly to the Weekday website. We then mentioned them on our podcast, revealing that we would be throwing a virtual brand launch party on the Pharaoh Diaries Twitch page.

We went on an intensive campaign to promote the party and the fabulous clothing that Weekday make – they are affordable and stylish, and I received my outfit from Weekday promptly within a few days of ordering which I would be wearing to the virtual launch party.

We even had a viral moment with my take on the Junebug challenge which has been blowing up on TikTok, with my rendition getting over 1000 views on Instagram – not our biggest viral hit but huge for us none the less, take a look below!

Then came the actual day of the virtual party on Twitch which went off without a hitch, you can watch the full video of the party by clicking here, please note that portions of the video have been muted because we were playing music. I hope you are one of the lucky people that got to experience it live!

To shop Weekday deals and special promos, click the Deals and Discount codes tab. To follow us on all our social media platforms so you can keep up with all things Pharaoh Diaries, visit the homepage and click the social links to be taken directly to our pages.

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