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Subscribe below to access our affiliate marketing courses on our Courses page which we are calling The Affiliate Marketers Playbook™️. Get all the tools you need to start your own affiliate marketing business, from Sales training to PR, Marketing and Influencer training. It has never been more important to build your own online business to gain independence and work the hours that suit you, whilst increasing your financial potential. Pharaoh Diaries will give you the information you need to build your affiliate marketing business from scratch, from how to go about partnering with major brands that pay you a healthy commission of up to 40% of each sale, to building your own recognisable brand.

You will also learn how to build your own brand based on your passions and create content that will resonate with the right audiences via different mediums such as podcasting, blogging, vlogging, social media and so much more. The Affiliate Marketers Playbook™️ includes:

Course 1: Sales (2 part course) – How to create and implement a set workflow system to ensure your business is geared for success.

  • Customer service is key and should never drop during busy periods. I will teach you how to carry out all your key tasks for each customer (which also includes your affiliates) efficiently and in an organised manner.
  • Quality over quantity, how to make sure you don’t run yourself ragged chasing a hundred customers at once, which leaves your business at risk of being seen as low quality due to poor service. 
  • How to maintain calm in your work environment to ensure your customers trust and respect your provision, regardless of how busy you are.
  • Selling in the new era of the online store, do’s and don’ts

Course 2: PR, Marketing and Social Media – How to harness the in-built algorithms on social media platforms to get PR and Marketing services for free or at a fraction of the cost!

  • Social media has built in systems now to help your business succeed. Learn how to maximise them to full effect.
  • Apps to use to help you create great and none costly content for social media advertising.
  • How frequently should you advertise on social media and how many platforms should you join? The answer may shock you.

Course 3: Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Academy (3 part course) – How to become a major social media influencer in 3 months or less without a huge following.

  • What platforms to join to help you kick start your influencer and affiliate marketing career straight away without a massive following.
  • How to vet offers from lesser known brands who approach you on Instagram.
  • How to create innovative and engaging content using various mediums that entices customers to buy.
  • The importance of having a blog as an Influencer and affiliate marketer- how to build and maintain one, and avoid all the common blogger pitfalls. 

We have also added bonus information on the following topics:

  • Tips on creating a successful podcast and how to attract advertising and affiliate partnerships for your podcast
  • Access to a Disclaimer Template for podcasters created by a qualified lawyer and lecturer for a low additional cost of just $56.40 (applicable for a variety of countries including the UK)
  • Access to a Sponsored post agreement template created by a qualified lawyer and lecturer for just $104.40 (applicable for a variety of countries including the UK)
  • Access to the Legal Bundle value pack for bloggers and website owners at a massive discount, pay just $188.90 for a 6 course bundle worth $1421.65! (applicable for a variety of countries including the UK)

All this for just the cost of your Pharaoh Diaries subscription fee, subscribe below for £9.99/month or save with annual subscription and pay a reduced price of £100/year to access the Affiliate Marketers Playbook on the Courses page, as well as gaining access to all the subscriber only content on Pharaoh Diaries. Please read our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

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Read more of this content when you become a member today.

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Save with annual subscription, Only £100 per year and you’ll get:

  • Access to all premium content.
  • Members only newsletter.
  • And more special offers!

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