Brand Spotlight: Frost NYC

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FrostNYC - Unique, Beautifully-Crafted Jewelry

Bling culture is really popular in hip-hop with stars like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and others rocking massive blinged out chains and bracelets. Pharaoh Diaries has teamed up with hip hop’s number 1 supplier for bling bling jewellery FrostNYC, to bring this trend to the masses.

Want an iced out chain, bracelet or grill? Don’t shop anywhere else but FrostNYC. FrostNYC is one of the largest hip-hop jewellery manufacturers in the United States, and they have built a reputation on giving urban jewellery lovers custom pieces that are crafted with iced out detailing that will complement their street style.

Based in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District, Frost Nyc Jewelers offers sparkling jewels that are sure to add instant swagger to any hip-hop head’s look. For the street cat that wants to roll out in style, their million-dollar quality rocks are everything that you’ve wanted without the weight of a big price tag.

To celebrate our partnership, Pharaoh Diaries will bring our subscribers approved discounts with the brand and here’s one for you below!

Use code SALE10 to stack the savings on real Hip Hop Jewelry at

Shipping is available to the United Kingdom and worldwide. For more discounts, click the Deals and Discount codes tab.

FrostNYC - Unique, Beautifully-Crafted Jewelry


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