Welcome Calming Dog to Pharaoh Diaries

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About Calming Dog

The Calming Dog brand was created by actual dog owners to find a way to give dogs and the humans that love them a way to live a life that’s stress-free, relaxed, and totally chill.

We know that dealing with your dog’s home alone blues causes you stress, and we want to help give your dog a way to be happy in your absence. Because when your dog is happy, so are you!

What Makes Calming Dog Unique?

  • All Calming Dog products are designed in the USA
  • Offers an excellent selection of products to meet your dog’s exact needs and your style preference
  • US-based customer service
  • For each purchase, Calming Dog donates $1 to a no-kill shelter based in the USA

Shop deals from Calming Dog on the Deals and Discount codes page. Official Affiliate partner.

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