Cher fuels MARRIAGE PROPOSAL rumours as boyfriend A.E buys beautiful Diamond Engagement ring!

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Cher’s relationship with Amber Rose’s cheating ex Alexander Edwards aka A.E came as a massive surprise to say the least. They met at Paris Fashion Week in September 2022 and they have been inseparable ever since. Cher recently gushed about her relationship with A.E on the Kelly Clarkson show, saying that “On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous, But in real life, we get along great.”

Cher has fuelled speculation that she is engaged to A.E after posting a picture of him holding an engagement ring on Christmas day.

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Friends have also recently expressed concern about their relationship, with one source saying “The warning signs are there”. Giving A.E’s turbulent relationship with Amber Rose who he shares a son with, three-year-old Slash Electric Alexander Edwards (he was exposed for cheating with women in his DM’s) and the 40 year age gap, this is to be expected. Cher is also a world renowned icon worth $400 million and most do see this as an odd pairing. Friends say that if she does decide to marry A.E, there is of course going to be an iron clad prenup in place.

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