Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty tried and FAILED to get off the Sex Offender Registry!

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Rapper Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty has tried and failed to get his name off the New York state’s sex offender registry court docs show. Kenneth who was convicted of attempted rape in 1995 for an attack on Jennifer Hough aged 16 at the time, tried to argue in a Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit that he never got the chance to contest his status as a medium risk sex offender.

His lawyer Alan Gerson contended that Petty was never notified about a 2004 hearing to challenge his status and someone forged his signature on a document about the proceeding, plus he couldn’t have possibly been told about the hearing because he was in state prison. However, a court transcript showed that Petty was indeed present at that very hearing (which we broke on The Gossip Diaries podcast) which he claimed he knew nothing about, and did not object to being listed as a level 2 offender. Kenneth also went to state prison in 2006 for a homicide, not 2004 when the sex offender registration hearing took place court records show.


On Thursday, Petty asked Judge Eric Komitee to have his lawsuit withdrawn after the state Attorney General’s office included a copy of the transcript in a court filing. Gerson who filed the suit said the case will be formally withdrawn “in the next week or two”. The victim in the case, Jennifer Hough told The Real in 2021 and other news outlets that she was waiting at a bus stop when Petty shoved an object against her back which she thought was a gun, and led her into a house where he raped her.

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