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Engagement Rings

The jury is out for me on these, but they have certainly brought much appreciated colour and humour to the internet!

The Bratts Blog

By Chelsrella N.

I know you guys have seen the (MSCHF) Super Mario boots lol, guess what I LIKE THEM. I am one of those people that likes to purposely dress very different sometimes to prove a point, and hey WHO DOESN’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A CARTOON CHARACTER? Just recently these new shoes have hit Beyonce’s internet, and they have been the talk of the net since!

MSCHF is a Brooklyn-based brand that is known for creating internet sensations and stunts that generate buzz and commentary on consumerism. MSCHF has created several products and projects, including the “Jesus Shoes” and “Wavy Baby Shoes.” The collective is also known for its legal battles, such as Vans v. MSCHF, where MSCHF was sued by Vans over the sale of “Jesus Shoes”. MSCHF has also been involved in several other legal cases, including MSCHF v. Netflix, where MSCHF sued Netflix for the…

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