Fuchsia Shoes: Artisan Made Luxury

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Fuchsia’s sustainable footwear is all about high-quality, environmentally responsible shoes that genuinely benefit the artisans who make them. Put your heels aside and make space for a pair of luxury ballet flats! Handmade and ethically produced, you get the best of all worlds at Fuchsia Shoes.

What Makes Fuchsia Unique?

  • Craft: From leather cutting to embroidery, the entire 30-step process of making these shoes is performed by hand, resulting in exceptional quality.
  • Quality: Each shoe is made using the highest quality leather and raw materials. The embroidery of some designs can take up to a day, because we want to get the details just right.
  • Comfort: Fuchsia shoes feature padded footbeds and soft suede interiors for maximum comfort. Plus, the soft leather outsoles are both flexible and durable.
  • Cause: Every shoe represents an investment in local artisans, and 100% of our raw material is sourced locally, supporting the regional economy.

Click here to shop.


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