The New Wave of Viral Fashion Campaigns

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As more fashion brands are following the trend of showcasing viral stunts on the runway, Anrealage unveiled an extraordinarily distinctive presentation during 2023 Paris Fashion Week. The Japanese brand displayed a light show exhibiting UV lights, utilizing UV-emitting technology. As two models were paired together wearing heat-sensitive clothing, the UV lights reflected bright colours along the garments, going from head to toe.

Anrealage was established in 2003 by designer Kunihiko Morinaga. He’s focused on integrating innovative technologies into the world of fashion. During Morinaga’s interview with Italian Vogue, he revealed his interest in intermixing both science technology and human technology. For more than a decade, Morinaga has designed garments utilizing technological enhancements, showcasing an ultramodern approach to fashion.

Anrealage among other progressive fashion designers are taking their styles to new levels. While these runway stunts can be considered gimmicks or methods to gain more publicity, one perspective is to describe it as transforming fashion utilizing digital strategies. 

Such amazing stunts are becoming more commonplace in order to create viral moments, which is fast becoming the life blood of any brand with astronomical ambitions. Viral fashion has been a lucrative tool for fashion companies in the past, who’ve increased their brand visibility by generating buzz and excitement around their products. For example, this year alone saw many viral fashion stunts including the MSCHF Super Mario boots. As discussed on The Gossip Diaries podcast, MSCHF have also come up with another ground breaking shoe – trainers which can be worn backwards!

At Pharaoh Diaries Magazine, we push for innovation with the end goal being to make the world a more colourful place – so we are certainly here for these stunts. They bring much needed sunshine to our gloomy HQ in Nottingham, England and our stomping grounds in London. Our message to all fashion brands is to keep it coming!

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