Chloe Bailey’s ‘In Pieces’ FLOPS Only Sells 10K! + Blac Chyna’s Transformation A PR Stunt According To Her Mother

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Twitter came for Beyoncé this week after it was revealed that her protégé Chloe Bailey only sold 10k copies of her debut album ‘In Pieces’. Blac Chyna has also been on a journey of purification, reaffirming her birth name Angela White and wanting to be known as that from now on. She also took out her butt enhancements and face fillers, and removed her Baphomet tattoo. She even gave her daughter Dream’s aunty Kim Kardashian a shout out by wearing her Dolce and Gabbana collection! This was definitely a surprise especially after their bitter lawsuit which Blac Chyna did not win.

But is her transformation really genuine or is it just a PR stunt. Well according to her mother Tokyo Toni it is.

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