Testing for Apple Podcasts – Test 1

Our podcast is currently being reviewed for transmission on Apple Podcasts! This means our podcast will be available on both Stationhead and Apple Podcasts if we pass the review. I know I threw a little shade on Stationhead during this recording (it took a little too long for our show this Saturday 21st to be added to our page and if my audience cannot access my content quickly I get a little irate….I love you guys), we will still transmit on there because the engagement has been really good. If you missed our show on Saturday night you can listen to it by clicking here and it is now available on our page on Stationhead (3 hours after transmission which is why I was a little irate and threw some shade lol), so you can listen to it anytime along with our previous 2 shows.

If we are approved for Apple podcasts (I will keep you posted of course) you will also be able to access the podcast there by searching Pharaoh Diaries and subscribing to it. This means that our podcast can also be accessed on pharaohdiaries.com so that is a great thing for Android users who cannot download Stationhead and don’t have Apple Podcasts. Regardless of whether we get accepted onto Apple Podcasts you will always be able to access our podcast on our website from now on, it just won’t be live like it is on Stationhead. Same thing applies for the transmission on Apple Podcasts. It will be on our website and on Apple Podcasts the next day.

Our next show on Stationhead will be on Saturday 28th November at 10pm, our topic of discussion will be released over the coming days so go over there and follow us! Ensure that you set your notifications. The podcast will then be available the next day on pharaohdiaries.com and on Apple Podcasts if we are approved!


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