Christmas Special: Celebrity News Commentary 48

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Special Moments for the Holidays at FrostNYC

First time here? Let me tell you why this show rocks!

Welcome to another amazing episode of the Pharaoh Diaries weekly podcast. This week we are discussing the new details revealed in Jennifer Hough’s lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty and reports in the press about the validity of her evidence against the couple. We are also discussing rumours that Nicki Minaj asked vlogger Tasha K to sign an NDA – Tasha K is the vlogger that Nicki Minaj’s rap rival Cardi B is suing for defamation. As always you can watch the livestream for this episode by clicking the Youtube link below – make sure you are also subscribed to our Youtube to catch up on all the videos about this topic and others:

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Special Moments for the Holidays at FrostNYC


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