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Beyond Retro

Introducing The Gossip Diaries, our new name and rebrand for our celebrity news content on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

Formerly called the Pharaoh Diaries Magazine podcast on Youtube and Pharaoh Diaries on other streaming platforms, this rebrand is perfect for our celebrity news commentary show, outlining clearly to listeners and watchers what this particular aspect of our content is all about!

Some Gossip Diaries posts will be posted on but to get ALL the perks, access ALL the content and take part in the discussion you NEED to be subscribed to the Youtube page, and subscribed to The Gossip Diaries on streaming platforms. All links you need to join on the relevant platforms are on every webpage on! Just click the Youtube social link to subscribe or click the ‘Listen on Spotify‘, ‘Listen on Apple Podcasts‘, and PRESS PLAY on the ‘Gossip Diaries’ podcast player to tune in!

The Gossip Diaries!

The Gossip Diaries also has a dedicated page on! Just click The Gossip Diaries tab to access hot off the press news too hot for socials, exclusives and tea on the hush hush that may not be suitable for the show (Formerly known as The Pyramid). You will need a paid subscription to Pharaoh Diaries Magazine to access this page, so head over there now to get your backstage pass!

Watch and Listen to our first show below under the rebrand to catch up on this week’s hottest gossip, and for more details of this amazing venture!

Listen on Audio!


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