Cardi B Says Husband Offset Feels She’s Not Confident With Her New Music!

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Cardi B laments during an interview with a fanpage radio station that her husband Offset feels that she is not confident when it comes to putting out her new music.

The Grammy winning rapper said on Bardigang Radio ‘Offset DM’s me ‘Do you remember her?’ And I said LOL ‘She was very confident, you couldn’t tell her sh*t’, Cardi said referring to what Offset was saying about her confidence back in the day.

She continued, “Because he just feels like I’m so not confident when it comes to my music or my this or my that. But you know what I’ve just been a little afraid like with people judging and everything, but it’s like I gotta put my big girl panties on….I just gotta make a decision so… but I have to make it soon so I can do these f*cking music videos”.

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She also talked about feeling like the underdog and people denying her influence. “I know that I’m pretty successful, but every other day I do feel like the underdog because every other day people still try to deny my greatness. People try and deny my influence, people try and deny the doors that I’ve opened…”

The Bodak Yellow rapper celebrated the 5th anniversary of her Grammy winning album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ on Thursday and said she still books million dollar shows off the success of the album. All the songs on Invasion of Privacy have been awarded platinum status or higher.

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We hope Cardi gets over her cold feet, although her tone during the interview did not suggest that she was thrilled to get back to work putting out solo music. But as she said herself, despite feeling like people deny her influence, she still sees it all over her rivals videos, fashion, the way they talk etc. So there should be no obstacles when it comes to putting her money where her mouth is for her sophomore project.

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