Rihanna’s baby son’s unique name finally revealed after almost a year

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The unique name Rihanna has chosen for her almost one year old son has finally been revealed.

According to a birth certificate obtained by MailOnline, the son that Rihanna, 34, shares with rapper A$AP Rocky is named RZA Athelston Mayers.

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The unusual name is inspired by New York-based hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, who both Rihanna and A$AP – real name Rakim Mayers – are thought to be huge fans of.

Rihanna and Asap Rocky at The Met Gala

The stage name of the lead vocalist in the group is RZA – and it appears that Rihanna and A$AP named their child in tribute to him.

‘Athelston’ is A$AP’s middle name. Rihanna, who is currently pregnant with her second child, gave birth to her first in May last year.

Although she had dropped a series of hints about the inspiration for the tot’s name, as she’s often been seen dressed in clothing with the Wu-Tang Clan logo on it, the tot’s name had not yet been revealed by the couple.

Rihanna wears Wu-Tang Clan Football Jersey on a night out at Giogio Baldi restaurant recently

Rihanna – real name Robyn Fenty – and A$AP Rocky were friends for years, before their relationship finally turned into something more and they went official in the summer of 2020.

She announced her second pregnancy by showing off her baby bump during her Superbowl half time performance in February.

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