Chrisean Rock FIGHTS while ‘Pregnant’, Beyoncé SLAYS Atlantis The Royal performance in Dubai + Ariana Grande watches The Gossip Diaries!?!

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Wow, what a weekend! Chrisean Rock announced her pregnancy on social media as a surprise birthday gift to BlueFace which was returned back to sender as he claimed the kid was not his a la Billie Jean. But the money is too much of a temptation to stop this runaway train, so they were back out on the scene which ended up in a fight that spilled out onto a road (Watch below).

Beyoncé had a strict no cameras or mobile phones policy at her performance to celebrate the opening of the exquisite Atlantis The Royal Dubai, but that did not stop attendees from recording the event and posting it on socials – and it was indeed jaw dropping. Find out all about my favourite moments by watching this week’s episode of The Gossip Diaries podcast below.

Oh and Ariana Grande broke the internet by singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ whilst wearing a Pharaoh Diaries Magazine and Gossip Diaries little known affiliate partner? I nearly gagged with excitement. The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true! Find out all the details on tonight’s show!

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