Is Weekday The New Diesel in the Making?

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Weekday is a relatively underground fashion brand that’s part of the H&M Group, but they have stolen my heart in the last year and a half of knowing them. I came across them when I joined the Stylink influencer network and I was enamoured by their grungy, motor club, street style aesthetic. Their clothing is cutting edge yet affordable, great quality and sustainable – a Weekday piece is always going to stand out in any wardrobe.

The Diesel comparison came to me whilst doing research for this article and for our Womenswear Latest promotion for the brand – their new season collection reminds me of the early Diesel aesthetic when they were much simpler – not the elevated, high fashion Diesel brand we see today. Weekday is certainly more paired down, a more rugged plain jane but on the right track for elevation in the future.

Tempo Denim Biker Jeans £59 (Click image to shop)

The price point may be what clips their wings however as they are staunchly out of this world high street, a designer and clean aesthetic only for the regular girl that supersedes their competitors. The Scandi vibe is a heavy influence but done in a more structured, ready to wear style. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Weekday as I believe their potential is still very much untapped – all this greatness cannot be just for me and the other girls with their measly budgets surely!

Sasha Handbag £39

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